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Founded in January-2019 by a self-driven individual who was searching for a way to make his skills useful for other people around the globe. He initially named it ‘One Purpose.’

His small scale journey in which the main purpose was to help people with his skills grew up with his never-ending hard work to a big team of highly skilled people who have enormous talent and now this company is known as ‘TKnack’.

The founder of TKnack – Zaib Khan, is a talented IT project manager. He is dedicated to giving chance to those people who live in underdeveloped areas and provided them with a platform to showcase their skills.        

Education & Experience

The founder of TKnack, Zaib Khan is a talented IT project manager and a self-driven and disciplined individual who paved a way to make his skills useful for others around the globe. He started his journey with a small-scale company named ‘One Purpose’ which was built on a purpose to help people.
Later, with his never-ending hard work, in January-2019, he hit a milestone and the small-scale company grew up to this Digital Marketing agency named ‘TKnack‘. It was built with a much bigger purpose of helping people on a larger scale with the enormous talent that he has in his team. He provides quality service to his clients and offers nothing less than the best!

Company Skillset

Digital Marketing
Social media Marketing
Project Management
Affiliate Marketing
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About the company

TKnack is word derived by combining two words which are T and Knack. ‘T’ means technical and ‘Knack’ means skill. TKnack is a Digital Marketing Agency that make use of technology and its skills to serve its client. It offers great number of services that are led professionally by the TKnack Team. The clientele of TKnack are from around the world within a vast geographical limit. Success of 250+ projects in 4+ years has made TKnack famous among brands and businesses for its exceptional Digital Marketing. TKnack has skilled professionals who work and collaborate to bring out the best results that fulfills the clients’ requirements.

about us

What We Offer ?

We have built a flawless system of providing high-quality services to our clients with a 24/7 support system. We have worked with many companies and individuals and have successfully completed around 150+ projects with positive reviews.


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