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Transcription Services

Accurate verbatim or non-verbatim transcription is now easy! We provide transcription services in English and Urdu, Urdu to the Urdu language, and English to English. Transcription is an important step when converting any spoken or written wording into texted version precisely to match the original version.

No need for hours of concentrating on your voice recordings and hinder your project or any type of research by saving tons of your time through a very unproductive process which decreases the overall efficiency of you or your team rather than focusing on what matters.

Either if you have an Interview that you recorded or a podcast you aired on your YouTube channel or you’re an artist who sings, a researcher who’s doing documentaries or blogs on your topic, or even a scholar that does speeches and sermons that need transcription either from English or Urdu to each one of them then let us help you achieve your goal swiftly.

The importance these are mostly required inaccurate subtitles for any Film or Video, especially where multiple speakers are present or such a voice or video that has not been recorded in ideal sound recording conditions where transcription is very important and plays a vital role in defining the obscurity behind a range of different voice pitches from multiple people, providing a cleaner version of clarity so it can be converted in a presentable and refined version of itself.

Why you should choose us?

We provide you 100% originality in this, with full proof confidentiality of your personal/private information in our transcription services with verbatim (word to word) which is usually required at research, publication level of quotation, and non-verbatim (not word to word) texts which are more media or PR centric transcriptions, we are here to assist you in every way possible which suffices your particular need.

This is all Professionally crafted transcription by our specialist here over Tknack, in which they can transcribe a range of things which includes, including audio/video type Podcasts, Khutbas, Speeches, Sermons or even interviews, Podcasts, or just General Audio or Video, we can convert them however so you may please.

We are available 24/7 through Email or WhatsApp for further consultation on our transcription services, different types of transcription, the time it would take to provide you t, he services or the price quotation as different transcriptions would require a different level of work input, will all be provided there, let us make it convenient and hassle-free in your respective objectives.

A Rich Palette of Options

We offer transcription in the following languages:


English to English

Urdu to Urdu

Urdu To English

English TO Urdu

We can transcribe:



Videos & Audios




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