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Course Trainer

An Instructor gives lessons that allow students to increase their knowledge of a specific subject. By being proficient at their job duties, they help those they instruct prepare for future opportunities, such as gaining additional education or performing well in their chosen career. When students struggle, they offer extra guidance to help them learn the material, so they can successfully complete the coursework. A skilled Instructor can boost student satisfaction levels and help your institution or company achieve its overall mission. In addition, the administrative duties of Instructors help your school or business maintain accurate records.

Instructor duties and responsibilities

The biggest responsibility of an Instructor is to ensure their students master the information presented through the classes they teach. Some common Instructor job duties include:

  • Establishing key objectives for classes
  • Creating curriculum that accomplishes the set objectives
  • Developing a syllabus that outlines topics that will be explored and listing due dates for assignments and exams
  • Making lesson plans that describe how information will be presented
  • Giving lectures and organizing activities to present material and deepen understanding of coursework
  • Writing, administering and grading examinations that test students’ knowledge
  • Answering students’ questions and providing support to help them succeed
  • Recording students’ attendance and grades



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