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How to run a marketing campaign?

Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign involves various insights which need to be considered before executing it. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is obviously informing or gaining people’s attention whether it is done positively or negatively. Most brands follow a proper path to introduce the brand into the market and get success because they run a good campaign. Some brands perform some publicity stunts to gain the attention of the audience and use controversies to join the game. The result would be the same in both cases.

Marketing campaigns use a lot of tools digitally or physically. But, in current times digital marketing is mostly used but it depends on the brand. Let us give you some examples for better understanding. If you are from Pakistan you must have seen the posters of JOVI which were saying “What is inside JOVI?” or “JOVI k Andar kya ha”. JOVI was an app for online groceries and food procurement. And these posters were pasted on every wall of twin cities or maybe all over the country. But, the point is they picked up a suspicious tagline and used that as the tool of their marketing campaign. Eventually, that brand ceased due to some socio-political issues.

Other tools include advertising through videos, blogs, and TV commercials or through memes. But, it doesn’t matter which tool you are opting for, the insight would be the same and what you need to know to run a successful and winning marketing campaign is explained in this blog by which is a top digital marketing agency in Islamabad. So, we will digest key points one by one.

What is your Intention?

Before knowing your audience you need to analyze your intentions and goals first. If your business is young then you must want to run a campaign to inform people about your business, brand, and products. So you need to go on that platform where you can find the maximum audience which is obviously the social media platforms. This is called Cold lead generation which doesn’t know about your brand because it’s new in the market and for this, you need to put in the extra effort.

Secondly, your business may be older and wants to generate some qualified leads or warm leads to whom you want to execute the sales. Or thirdly, it could be for converting the leads to first-time sales or calling back the old customers of yours.

Decide the Budget

The budget depends on the type of marketing campaign you want to do. And, the type of campaign will be derived from your intentions. Again if your business is young you will have to invest a big percentage of your project budget. You can also estimate the budget by analyzing your competitor’s campaign. And in our opinion, this is one of the best methods it will give visual input and will also save you time. And there is also another advantage if you are analyzing your competitor’s campaign in the form of comparison and will give you some key points which you should and which you should not.

Define your Target audience

The target audience needs to be determined in the initial stages because all the tasks in the future will be executed mostly based on the target audience. The selection of a marketing platform is one of them.

If our brand or product is related to women of age group then your target platform will be social media. Which will fall under the category of B2C marketing where interaction is going on between a business and a consumer. But if your brand or product is manufactured for other businesses or brands then journals or business news sites would be a marketing platform. And this falls in the category of B2B marketing where one business interacts with another business.

Write a message and tagline

Optimization is very important everywhere to rank your campaign on every platform. And your tagline and message can be optimized very efficiently. This message and tagline will attract the audience.

Message and tagline both are different things but both are equally important. However, the tagline comes in the queue. The tagline is shorter and the purpose of a tagline is to just grab the sight of the audience and that’s it. The tagline is done with its work. As we gave you an example of JOVI at the start of this blog.

Now if the tagline is interesting then it will lead the consumer toward the message. Your message must be precise and must convey all your insights of yours within a while. And message must fulfill the needs of the consumer. So, take your time and bring your best words to form a sentence.

Choose the platform

As we told you about the platform you will choose based on the audience and based on the type of marketing you are doing. Whether it is B2B or B2C. Select the platform wisely and proceed further.

Another factor that will affect your decision to choose a platform will be the budget. And promotional activities demand a lot of money. Here is a cool fact for you. Burj Khalifa charges 15,000,000 Rs for a three minutes video.

Shape your message and tagline

The tagline and message can be delivered in any form depending on the platform you have decided on. You can write it down in a blog, a short video, an email, or can make a meme on it. And plan the dates for the release of your message to the public.

Implement your Plan and Analyze

Now, start implementing your plan along with the measurements and analyses of outcomes. And if it needs some changes do it accordingly. And analysis must be very accurate so that you can determine which part of your campaign responded well and which do not. And things which didn’t go as they were planned must be revised in future or immediately if possible.

We want to end this blog on this note never rush for anything because in the world of Internet Marketing once you have released something on air, there is no going back. So, take your time and go for the best.

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