The Role of AI Graphic Design in 2023 : Collaboration, Automation, and the Future of Creativity

The Role of AI Graphic Design in 2023 : Future of Creativity

Humans have always been finding and inventing machines to ease their work and always called it a success no matter for which field the machine or technology was invented. Emergence of AI Graphic Design which have made graphic designers so much concerned about their jobs. Humans have created it; computer scientists made huge data sets and libraries and trained artificial intelligence to perform such tasks which humans can perform but in minimal time.

Will AI Replace Graphic Designers?

Why the employees specifically from the IT sector and creative sector are afraid that artificial intelligence will take away their jobs which as a matter of fact will not happen totally although it can leave a good impression? As we said that employees from the IT and creative sector such as creative writers, graphic designers, 3D animators, and related jobs are more prone to Artificial intelligence. But that’s actually not going to happen. Everyone is debating on this topic but deep down everyone knows that, it cant happen.

The Role of AI in Graphic Design: Collaboration, Automation, and the Future of Creativity

Artificial Intelligence

  • Explore the limitations of AI graphic design

Yes, AI can become a graphic designer but no AI can ever replace a graphic designer. Instead, the graphic designer now needs to revolutionize his/her knowledge according to the algorithms of AI and will need to learn new AI tools and discard the old tools. As soon as a graphic designer will understand this thing, he/she will never become a victim of AI. Now that if you want to compare a human graphic design and an AI graphic design, here is an example for you to understand. You all must be aware of Nutella which is a Chocolate spread.

A few times ago Italian Nutella companies decided to sell Nutella in a dedicated design for each customer. This means each customer will get a custom-designed Nutella jar. Here they used AI and asked AI to design different designs and AI designed 7 million different designs within minutes and those were sold in just 1 month. That was one of the best campaigns where AI was utilized. Now you must be thinking that AI did a great job here and AI graphic design can replace human graphic design. But actually, is not true. The AI requires input to execute any task and if you want AI to design graphics for you, then only a graphic designer can give input to the AI tool because only he/she knows what creativity you want to get back from the AI.  A content writer cannot tell the AI to design. A graphic designer who has the whole creativity in mind and a whole campaign in mind can tell the AI which type of designs are required. That’s why we mentioned in the beginning that AI can never replace graphic designers, but graphic designers must evolve with time and learn new AI tools and their algorithms.

The Role of AI in Graphic Design: Collaboration, Automation, and the Future of Creativity

AI: The New Employee

  • Arguments against the complete replacement of graphic designers by AI

AI can never build human relationships through AI graphic design. That’s the biggest limitation of Artificial intelligence. This proves that AI graphic designs cannot fulfill the basic goal of a graphic which is to build a relationship both nuance and empathetically. The viewer must get attached to the graphics at first sight. That attachment can only be achieved if you put emotions in those designs and Artificial intelligence is very far from the emotions. If AI got emotions then what will be the difference? So, as far as AI is stone-hearted the graphic designers can relax.

Graphic designing is a creative thing and creativity is called creativity when it displays several characteristics such as emotions, sociality, novelty, and cognitive processes. Now if we make a checklist for humans and AI, Humans can do all such things but AI can never show emotions and sociality through its designs. So, humans won this competition. But, if we talk about speed, then it’s a “Win-Win” situation for AI. But the list of limitations doesn’t end here. It’s a long list.

Computer scientists and coders spend years collecting data and making libraries for Artificial intelligence and they keep upgrading those libraries from time to time to upgrade that data but eventually, AI is dependent on data that humans have fed into it. Let us give you an example. If you ask the AI tool why the apple fell from the tree, it will reply that due to gravity because that’s what humans have told AI and saved data in it. But now suppose gravity was still not discovered and you ask the same question, AI will reply sorry I don’t know the answer because it’s not in the DATA. That’s another limitation of AI that it cannot think out of the box as humans can and cannot formulate nonexistent creative marketing ideas which humans can brainstorm. So, this is another big relief for graphic designers that their designs are still superior to AI graphic design. 

The Role of AI in Graphic Design: Collaboration, Automation, and the Future of Creativity


III. Will Graphic Designers be Replaced by AI?

Humans can sense the material that whether other people will like it or not as people share emotions and creative people working in different fields has god gifted sense of aesthetics and watch everything around them from a different perspective and as soon as they try to design something, their intuitive power wakes up first and design a basic draft or you can say the vibe of the end product which only he/she knew that people will like. A good designer takes inspiration from personal experiences and surrounding and understands the aesthetics which the target audience will appreciate and gets attracted to. AI graphic design will be a mixture of commands and inputs that are already fed into it and will never emotionally attracts the viewer. So, now that graphic designers are relaxed and know that AI can never replace them, we want you to dive deep into some more related topics and case studies.

A. Examine the potential impact of AI on the graphic design job market

  • Automation of routine design tasks

The current job statistics of the graphic designing job market are not that much changed but there are few. AI graphic design has been proven for those businesses who use the same kind of graphics for daily routine and creativity doesn’t matter for them. They just need to make a few typo changes and color changes in previous designs and they are done with graphic designing tasks. But as we mentioned that is just fruitful for the companies who required basic graphic tasks done. AI can perform such tasks very efficiently and if such companies are still relying on graphic designers then they are doing it the wrong way.

  • Shift towards specialized roles for designers

Companies who need creative strategies every minute for their clients and brands cannot just rely on AI although AI can assist their human designers to get the work done quickly. But to get this work done quickly designers need to shift and evolve their roles toward more specialized functioning.

  • New opportunities for collaboration with AI tools

Harvard Business School performed studies on a group of companies who were integrating AI into their daily tasks and were very much excited to automate all the functions and save the salaries that they used to give to the employees but ended up repenting on this action of automating the whole company. There was another group of companies that kept humans and AI side by side and it was found that they become more streamlined and fast in their daily tasking and their productivity increased by several folds. That’s the message we want to convey here that AI and humans are both from each other. Humans can work without AI but AI cannot give productive output without the help of humans. So, AI has given us the opportunity to collaborate.

Discuss the importance of upskilling and adapting to AI in the design industry

Instead of just criticizing the AI, people can collaborate with the AI tools and understand those tools more than AI itself know and take advantage of such innovation. As AI is the most advanced and the most revolutionizing invention of humans until now so it must have some insights hidden which we must carve out to get benefit from it.

1. Embracing AI as a tool rather than a threat

Take AI as a tool rather than wasting your time thinking of it as a full-time worker or a complete supercomputer that can do everything. AI is just like any other machine invented by humans and after that used by humans for the welfare of themselves. Similarly, AI graphic design is just a tool that humans need to understand deeply to get actual benefits from it.   

The Role of AI in Graphic Design: Collaboration, Automation, and the Future of Creativity

Human vs AI

2. Acquisition of complementary skills in AI Graphic design

AI has some amazing skills which every graphic designer must take advantage from. AS, it will save you time and will increase your productivity. Some complementary skill of AI like automated templates formation, color selection, background designing.

3. Necessity of lifelong learning and professional development

Advancement in anything is known as success and so is in this situation. After every few years, advancements like these will keep happening so we will have to turn on our adaptive mode and will have to keep learning. That’s professional development and take AI as a tool and remember that it does not have senses but humans can think and accept the fact that AI tools are not enemies of them. You can use them as per your requirements and can get thousands of benefits from them. So, collaborate and ease your work.

Ai and Human Collaboration

How to use AI for Graphic Design?

A. Overview of AI-powered graphic design tools and software

The perfect answer to this question will be given when the intuition and creativity of humans will be added up with the data sets and quantitative analysis of AI graphic design tools.

Now talking specifically about the AI tools for graphic designing, there are two kinds of AI tools or you can say we can take two kinds of outputs from any AI designing tool. The first one is that you let the AI tool work by itself and it will generate a design for you by utilizing the inbuilt algorithms but the result will be novel but not as per your thoughts. This kind of tool can work for such persons who have zero knowledge of graphic designing and will accept anything the AI tool will generate. The second kind is where a professional graphic designer who already has a creative idea and design is subconscious and now, just needs to inform the AI tool how and which kind of design he/she needs.

2. Automated layout and composition tools

The best things about the AI designing tools are the Automated layouts like if you have ever used Canva there are already made templates for you. You just need to incorporate your message into the design with some little changes. The AI will work as per instructions and the graphic designers can keep doing changes in the design until it matches the design that was already in the mind of the graphic designer. Now that’s what we call the actual collaboration of AI and humans and the actual usage of AI as a tool.

3. Image recognition and processing for image editing

There are a lot of tools like Dall. E and Clip use GPT models that can generate ideas once you will inform them about your requirements. Such AI tools are capable of image recognition and are programmed to edit the images as per your instruction in seconds and portray high quality.

Steps to effectively incorporate AI in graphic design workflows

  1. Identifying suitable tasks for automation or augmentation

Another evidence that AI can never replace a graphic designer is that people think a designer only uses computers and tools and just designs. But they don’t know that handling an AI designing tool can be done only by a professional graphic designer. As, the graphic designer will decide which tasks needed to be performed by the AI tool and what to be done manually. For example, AI can create a template very efficiently and can chose the color scheme as per your requirements but you will have to do other tasks.

  • Researching and selecting appropriate AI tools

Not every tool is meant to be perfect for everyone. Like some designers prefer Canva, some like Adobe and similarly some like other tools. Just like that Choosing an AI tool to best fit your needs is an important step to incorporate AI in workflows.

  • Integrating AI tools seamlessly into existing design processes

As AI is really adaptive and absorbs the data and codes very quickly. So, taking advantage of this attribute of AI you can integrate AI tools without hesitating into existing design processes. It will understand all the workflow and will adapt itself accordingly.

Graphic Designer

Case studies and examples of successful AI integration in graphic design

As we previously mentioned a case of Nutella where Nutella collaborated with AI to get 7 million unique designs within minutes and generated billions from that marketing campaign. This was done in a month and humans were given the task to generate 7 million unique designs. It will take them years. So, AI is time-saving, productive, and innovative.

  1. Improved productivity and time savings

Humans could have never done the same task in few minutes and not even few months. Because 7 million designs are too much. So, the idea of collaborating with the AI for this campaign was definitely the best idea to enhance productivity and saved a lot of time.

  • Enhanced design quality and innovation

AI is fed with trillions of data sets and using algorithms, AI can enhance the quality and can always portray the novelty. Just like in this case, AI produce 7 million innovative and novel designs for each customer.

  • Real-life experiences and testimonials from designers

The best designers of all time like John Gold, Mike Matas and David Ha shared about their experiences about the AI graphic designing tools and were happy about the fact that now they only need to brain storm creative ideas and rest of work will be done by the AI.


It’s that time of innovation when people are getting afraid of them as people do destructive criticism just to get attention and not portray the actual picture. But being an employee of creative fields like graphic design you need to be precise about your surrounding and understand things and mold things in your favor rather than getting submerged with those minimal people who are criticizing everything around them. The same scenario can be seen in Graphic designing, AI graphic design will only be beneficial if you will let it. Tools like Dall. E and clip are way more advanced and are for professional graphic designers and graphic designers need to evolve themselves and learn such new innovative tools to make things work for them. Otherwise, AI will replace them.

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