graphic designing in digital marketing

Importance of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing

Importance of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing world

With tremendous improvement in the digital world, there has been a significant focus on digital marketing. In this article you’ll get to know what is graphic designing, how is digital marketing related to graphic design, and its importance. The focus on digital marketing has also led to opening of many graphic design and digital marketing agency where thousands of businesses around the world approaches to make their business a success.

What is Graphic Designing?

You can’t deny the fact that visuals is the first things that appeals before anything else. Thus, graphic designing is all about visuals and detailing. It is a form of art or design that adds essence of attraction in anything it is used for. According to , ‘Graphic design is the craft of creating visual content to communicate messages. There are many graphic designing software’s and tools that are used by digital artists to showcase their talent. Design is a language that is used to engage with the viewers. Therefore, graphic designing has become a key element of digital marketing where the main purpose is to attract the target audience.

What is included in graphic designing?

what includes in graphic designing

Graphic designing mainly includes:

1.  Logo Designing:

Logo is an identity of a business and is main type of design that comes under graphic designing. Logos are not made by any random shape or color, but rather the shape and color of a logo has a meaning that uniquely displays the type of business and what they are selling while also targeting the required audience.  However, logos are not just for businesses, it could be made for anything such as a product, YouTube channel, or podcast, etc.

2.  Vector Tracing:

Vector tracing is mainly creating an exact copy of an already existing design. Graphic designers usually do vector tracing when they need to have a high quality design of the raster image.

3.   Business Card and Stationary Designs:

Business card is a key element of every business and designing it accurately means increasing the business’s reach to wherever that business card will travel with the customer. Stationary Designs are also an important part of business where each stationary in the business workplace such as mugs, pens, notepads, etc. displays the theme and design of the respective business. This gives a very pleasant impression to the clients who visit the office. Thus, the importance of business card and stationary designs must never be underestimated.

4.   Shirts & Merchandise:

Cool t-shirt designs and merchandise are also made by graphic designers. The designed shirts that you buy has a thoughtful outcome of some graphic designer in the world. Businesses who sells shirts or merchandise have creative designers that bring out the best of designs in their minds.

5.   Illustration:

Illustration is the one of the graphic designs that has highest quality and demand. Illustration is used to speak clearly with the viewer. Most of the book covers or some posters use illustration that are highly detailed for an effective conversation without using texts.

6.    Presentation Design:

The design of the presentations given in offices and colleges or universities are more important than you think they are! A well-designed presentation is always appreciated and catches attention of more people.

7.    Cartoons & comics:

Cartoons and comics that are designed in books or webpages are effortless creations of graphic designers. The creative thoughts of artists is what lies behind those imaginary characters that everyone enjoy seeing.

8.    Social Media Design:

A design that appeals to the social media users is really important. If the post won’t be attractive enough, viewers won’t stop by it to look for details. You must have also noticed that the Instagram or Facebook post that has the highest engagement has the best design as well. Social media designs also includes designing profile picture, cover picture, thumbnail, and group cover. It all contributes in giving your profiled a specific theme and radiance.

9.    Flyers and Brochures:

Flyers and brochures are traditional marketing tools that still plays a very crucial role. Flyers and brochures are designed by graphic designers to attract target audience, thus, they are also a part of digital marketing.

There are many other types of designs that are included in graphic designing and the list keeps on evolving with time. Moreover, TKnack Digital Marketing Agency in Islamabad provide all of these graphic designing services. Click here to get in touch with us.

Why graphic design is important for digital marketing?

Digital marketing, in easy wordings, can be explained as a way to advertise a business or a company or even a personal brand through digital media. This digital media could include social media, website, or any platform that uses the Internet. However, digital marketing is not only limited to advertising but it can be said that advertisement is a part of digital marketing.

Purpose of digital graphics in advertising :

If you’re wondering, what is the purpose of digital graphics in advertising? Then let’s take an example of an advertisement that you may see on a Television or Instagram, what’s the first thing that catches your attention? It’s the visuals! The graphics, the design of that advertisement. Graphic design is what stops you to have a look at the Instagram post or a TV advertisement. Reading the content comes second!

Graphic Designing a way of communication :

Therefore, graphic designing in digital marketing is of mere importance. Graphic designing is not only arts and pictures, but it is a way of communicating to the target audience. Colors, style, shape, all these things signify certain aspect that converse with one’s mind. An effective graphic designing is what makes a brand or a company stand out among its competitors. In the old times,  many business owners and entrepreneurs failed to recognize the roles of graphic design in marketing but now the two industries of graphic designing and digital marketing are greatly merging to provide a beneficial outcome to businesses and brands. The increasing dependency on internet which has been accelerated by the COVID-19, has shown a rapid growth in social media and graphics is a major part of social media visuals either it’s a video, an animation, or any image.

Why is Graphic Designing important for businesses?

There are some factors that explains the importance of graphic designing for business:

Traffic Increase: If graphic designing is done correctly, businesses could greatly benefit from it as it increases traffic on website or social media. Therefore, an effective graphic designs invites people to have a deeper look into the values of a business and the products/services they’re offering. Thus, graphic designing plays a vital role in improving website traffic or generating leads.

Conveying the message of a brand/company:

The best example of graphic design through which message of a brand or a business is conveyed is logo design. Other than logo, the colors, theme, design, and fonts of a brand is crucial in expressing the message that the brand wants to convey.

Creating an impression:

Graphic designing in digital marketing plays a key role in creating a brand impression for the business industry and the customers. Impression of a brand is important to gain popularity among the target audience, and this impression is made by the help of graphic designs. According to research, website with appealing visuals gain 94% more engagement that the websites without any such creative visuals.

Identity building:

When a start-up business or brand is looking forward to build their identity, the first and foremost thing they must not overlook is graphic designing. It is so because graphic designs helps in developing a brand’s identity by pouring in a certain style of designs in the eyes and minds of the viewers.

Maintenance of customer’s trust: High quality visuals are proven to give customers a feeling of trust and loyalty. In every business, customer’s loyalty and trust is absolutely significant. Therefore, this trust and loyalty can be gained or maintained by high quality and effective graphic designs.


Conclusively, graphic designing is one of the most essential element of digital marketing that must never be neglected as it could greatly contribute in making a brand from zero to hero!

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