copywriting and graphic designer

How to perform Copywriting and Graphic Designing?

Copywriting and Graphic Designing

Creativity is the activation energy that is required for every domain involved in internet marketing such as graphic designing, content writing, copywriting, videography, etc. Other factors such as tool learning, skills, and software can be learned by investing a minimal amount of time. But creativity is such a thing that cannot be learned because it’s already there in every person for any specific thing. It cannot be learned as it is not a skill or formula which you can apply to any situation. Creativity is an individual’s perspective to observe and see the surroundings and actions around and to execute any task using that perspective which will always be different from others. 

And here I want to present my condolences to the copywriters, creative writers, and graphic designers because when any task is assigned to any of these mentioned creators, they execute it according to their perspective but his/her superior has a different superior. So, he/she has to change the project according to the superior’s viewpoint. But the story doesn’t end here when the client reviews the project, he has his own level of creativity and perspective and he has money and power so he asks to change the project accordingly. And in the end, the person who suffers is the creator. That’s why here I also want to present a tribute to the designers, writers, and copywriters.

The creativity needs to be explained before diving into the main topic. Creativity is the fuel for copywriting and graphic designing and other factors come after it. And, now we are going to look at the other related factors which play supporting roles and help the creativity of an individual to present his/her thoughts in the mind regarding anything in the form of content or graphics, or animation.  


Copywriting is a type of marketing in which a copywriter gathers minimalistic words and creates a text which contains the maximum information about that brand, product, or event in the most creative and attractive way to advertise that specific thing to the public and get the public’s attention. And this is also known as the sales copy.

Do not hide the message you want to convey through that sales copy. Always shows others a clear version of yourself. This doesn’t help them understand your brand or product but will also develop a sense of trust that you are presenting yourself as a clear thing and are not here to play unnecessary games. 

When it comes to displaying something visually and making someone understand any topic, sophistication should be kept aside because it can become a hurdle in smooth, relatable, and comfortable communication. Don’t follow the rules that much regarding grammar, sentence farming, and other literature rules. Write that content which can connect with the people most efficiently and relatedly.  

Being a digital marketer you must have known the importance of the headline, which plays role in producing an urge to open that sales copy and read the description of it. And this is where you should utilize 70% of your creativity and word collection and time to generate a good sales copy. 

Slang will struct the audience of a specific age group but that is not the majority and also not what you are looking for. And, same is the case with fancy words which will also be admired by a specific type of audience but most people want it in simple and sleek English. 

Express your thoughts and reality of that brand or product in the easiest English and present it to the audience in the plats so that they can digest it quickly.

Sometimes the reader may lose interest while reaching the end of the copy so put a short reminder about the product. 

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a genre of communication and fine arts where brands portray their message using visuals in the form of graphics, animations, illustrations, etc. and when you focus on the graphic you can find the message hidden in the design. And to understand the concept of portraying this message using graphics you need to learn how it is performed. 

Without getting into the technicalities of graphic designing and without making this blog a software teaching blog, we just want you to learn the insights which will help you to perform any task regarding graphic designing. 

Look around in nature and daily lifestyle activities and generate ideas and convert the ideas into visual graphics and relate them to your projects. 

Don’t’ try to be so intellectual and dive so deep in thoughts and imaginations that it becomes difficult for the audience to crack the message you wanted to convey but now it overlapped with the intellect idea. 

Keep yourself updated about the news and latest activities occurring around you and relate your inspirational ideas with those trending activities. Because people want to know about that trendy news and if you are delivering that news along with your brand advertisement, it will be beneficial for both of you. 

Don’t forget to perform this skill without knowing the basic rules. Master the software used in graphic designing which is directly proportional to the time investment and your personal interests. Learn the basic rules regarding color selection, line, and dimensions, elements, fonts, style, etc.

So, it was an overview of graphic designing and copywriting from and we didn’t dive into technicalities yet but if you want us to then please let us know in the comment section. We will take care of that too. 

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