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10 Factors That Improve SEO Backlinks Longevity

In the fast-paced world of SEO, things change quickly and so should you same is the process of replenishing, if necessary, in backlinks here as we tell you 10 factors that would better its longevity.

1. Updating

This is one of the most obvious ones, a quality article has a numbered timeline, so keeping up-to-date information would not only maintain its rank but compliment yours as well.

2. Purchasing Backlinks

A lot of the premium article libraries charge a premium, buying SEO backlinks such as this is directly proportional to buying leveraged stuff, as these branded articles are not only updated but have a massive quality score which isn’t going anywhere soon as the domain and page authority is huge.

3. Backlinking From Influencers

This is another prominent method of backlinking these days, influencers are considered brands themselves, with relevant and quality affiliate articles or reviews from their backlink service that can ensure that its worth over time would only be appreciated as ears & eyes are always eager due to their following.

4. Sneak Peak

There’s always an option of checking outside the fence with paid tools like SEMrush, etc., you can easily assess the long-lasting backlink development with different companies within your industry.

5. Linking the Broken One’s

It’s easy to find broken (i.e., not workable) links from big articles around your industry with premium tools like SEMrush, asking them about that vacant spot as well as introducing you and your article could very well earn you another quality backlink.

6. Provide Quality Content

With services like blogger outreach, it’s convenient to create top-notch content related to your company, afterwards, these can also be proposed to companies or huge influencers to put this as an alternative which would be much better than what they already would have and as a result providing you a quality backlink.

7. Images to Backlink

This is a common method to get a frequent, long-lasting backlink, creating unique images, diagrams, and illustrations that explain different topics or concepts is heavily in demand by the writing team of different companies but also it gives you something in return, a quality backlink.

8. Guest Posting

Many different forums allow guest posting, with services like bloggers outreach you can simply create readable posts with a solid, do-follow backlink to your website which is the highly recommended backlinks from external websites telling the search engine about the reference, this overtime not only improves the linking but the overall domain authority.

9. Appearing on Podcasts

As a business owner, this is your time for your company to shine, you can appear on different podcasts by contacting them as to why? you could add to their shows, in return you get a frequent stream of new consumers.

10. Your Website as a Resource

The final way to get a quality backlink, is through resource pages, these are lists of different websites for a particular niche, you can search them down and see which fits well with you and reach them out as to why? Your site can assist its readers in also finding a solution and getting do-follow backlinks.

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