Content Variations

Generation Gaps and Content Variations

Content Variations

Rapidly changing generations every 8 to 10 years are giving them a very tough time for digital marketers. We will link this generation’s variations with digital media marketing later, but first, we must know what changes occur with the advancement or birth of a new generation. So, generation’s advancements come up with the change in mentality, thoughts, and interests. And these could never be the same as those of the previous generation. Let us give you a very simple and common example, on which we all will agree. The millennials and Gen X kids were fond of playing hide and seek in the streets, but Gen Z want to play Fortnite at home. Playing games physically was a cup of tea for Gen X and millennials but not for Gen Z.

They want to play games on mobiles and consoles and want to communicate through WhatsApp and not face to face. Gen Z wants to eat fast food every time but doesn’t want to eat at home. Gen Z wants to make fun of in class with teachers and the element of respect is very less, unfortunately. Gen Z doesn’t want to do jobs instead they want to do startups and freelancing. We are not pointing out the merits and demerits of two different generations or criticizing any specific generation. We are just extracting the generation gap which we can analyze through the examples given above, that is how the interests and mentality change with the change of generation after every 10 years. 

Same thing we can implement to the concept of content consumption. Gen X used to watch “the big bang theory” show on TV but Gen Z wants to join the cool community of Netflix and Chill and watch science fiction movies and shows. So, we can assess the difference from these examples. And, every time the generation changes, we need to provide them with their type of content. And this has always been the biggest issue even for known content writers, the best ad agency, top marketing agencies, SEO specialists, designers, and every person whose work is related to content production. If you are somehow related to business. Then you must be aware of the fact that marketing and advertisement is the most important factor to be successful in business. You want to present your product to the public and for this, you will use the advertisements nowadays that are happening digitally. And when it comes to digital branding, the generation gap will again jump into the field. And the factors which are changing with the change in the generation will definitely affect the digital market. 

The personnel related to internet marketing firms needs to understand some things and needs to be smart in order to tackle these factors. And, all the questions you have in mind related to the generation gap can be answered with a single statement which is “Understand Your Target Audience”. You must know whom you are referring to and what are their needs and interests. If you are writing content for a cosmetics blog, is it up to the mark that it can gather the attention of a young girl or boy? 

The likings and disliking’s keep evolving. Just like when in 1997 Titanic movie was released and every kid and adult wanted to get the hairstyle like Leonardo but in 2013 when Wolf of the wall street was released nobody wants the hairstyle of Jack Dawson instead, everyone wants the look of Jordan Belfort. 

Gen X was more patient and keener about their interests and likings. They were not that much into digital content. Digital content consumption is at its peak in this era. But here we want to clarify one more thing for marketing consultants or those who deal with digital media. The biggest problem at this time with internet users is that they always want something new. And this problem always leaves creative persons working in digital media with a headache. We as the leading Creative Agency Islamabad gets puzzled and we can’t explain how we extract the words and creativity from each and every corner of our brains as a team to find solutions. And the sad part is after that much hustle appreciation is not guaranteed by the audience. So, here is also a tip for you if you belong to this field you must be strong-hearted and be ready to face rejection. Your algorithms will fail, again and again, your ideas will not be appreciated, and your creativity will be ignored but if you will remain steadfast on the track, then you will go very far. 

Generation variations give content creators challenges every time they need to tackle any situation but you can easily dodge such situations by following some simple tricks. Firstly, you need to change your perspective of thinking. You must think from the audience’s point of view and try to read the psychic of the target audience. And as we are specifically talking about the generations and the variations of content consumption by different generations, so you must understand your product or brand. The brand is always manufactured for a specific group of people and you should evaluate this thing first and then proceed. Make a checklist of the requirements which people expect from you and while creating the content digitally make sure that you should not deviate from that checklist. 

In this era, we as a content creator and our creativity cannot take distinction in whole game. There was a time when we were able to make people see, what we wanted them to see and even people used to appreciate our efforts. But currently this is not possible, our desires are on second priority. Currently the utmost priority for every Digital Marketing Agency is that what type of content people wants to consume then we use our creativity that tries to fulfill their desires in the best possible and attractive way. Your victory is in the hands of audience now, and not bound to your own creative levels.

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