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Memes: A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy or Not?

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We will directly jump to the statistics of Meme World, 75% of people belonging to the age group of 13-36 years watch and share memes daily. And if we compare it with the blogs and article reading even though if a meme and a blog are meant to deliver the same message, 59% of the people from the same age group will ignore the blog without even reading the title. During the past 10 years, the reading habit among adults has decreased by 13% and the reading trend is diminishing slowly. So, this could also be a shred of evidence that in current time digital branding through blogs or articles or lengthy content is not anymore, a classic way. But here if you are trying to generate the hypothesis regarding meme usage, so we want you to hold up and understand all the aspects. Here, it is mandatory to mention another statistic to stop you from developing the wrong statement without getting complete knowledge. Out of the 75% of people watching memes daily 73% of people will prefer memes made for entertainment purposes only. So, this could also be an insight into whether is it a good idea to use the memes in a productive way rather than using them for fun purposes only or not.

Why Memes as Marketing Tool?

In the world of internet marketing, a meme is being used as the trending tool to connect with the audience for the past 3 to 4 years. Brands are incorporating their basic message inside the story of the memes. Memes are meant to be relatable; people easily get attracted to them and the message of the brand gets delivered. The best parameter which we can consider to prioritize the meme as the best tool than others is that the time required to make a meme and consume the meme is way lesser than other tools used for marketing. You just want the most relatable and trending topic and relate your product with this. While on the other hand if we talk about writing a 500-word brand or product description it will consume way more time than this meme thing.

Memes Shows the Right Path:

Memes can only get the attention of the brand. If that person wants complete knowledge about the brand or product. He will ultimately go to description. So, firstly we want to put a full stop to this debate that whether the content is necessary or not for marketing. Of course, it is important to deliver complete knowledge to the audience. But memes could be the best way to develop intimacy for the product. And intimacy regardless of a specification can force the person to do anything to get that. In short, memes can act as seducers that marketers use to seduce the audience, and once the audience feels that energy, they will for sure go to find the details. And, at this stage, the marketing and advertising agency has successfully completed the job.

Evolution of Memes Usage:

We want you to again remember the statistics we talked about above. The age group of 15 to 35 years is using 84% of social media. 80% of that consumed content on any social media platform is meme content. So, it means the biggest niche being consumed nowadays on social media is meme content. The meme world started with the basic purpose of spreading humor in a minimum and in the most relatable way. Then, people started using it to spread the daily news using their meme knowledge. And, now it is being used as a marketing tool. But memes can only enlighten the path for the audience toward an authentic platform where actual and detailed branding is going on.

Is it Authentic?

Marketing and advertising firms are still debating on this topic. A lot of creative agencies do not prefer this strategy because they think the meme community consists of those people only who mostly belong to the age group of 18-24 and people only want to be funny and not to be used for marketing. But people of other opinions say that this is the best method to engage the audience in bulk and to lead them to the actual platform. We as Top Digital Marketing Agency Islamabad are of opinion that if you are campaigning for a brand made for adults then there is nothing better than this. And even if your campaign is for such a brand made for geriatrics, you can still use this trick but you must be aware of the content type which that group of age wants to consume. The more relatable the meme will be, the more efficiently the message will be delivered.

Perks of Using Memes:

The memes do not need to be ranked and do not need to be optimized. This could be the plus point in this regard. You can post the memes on any social media and the if your meme is based on some trending topics, it will definitely get the reach you want. The Ads agency nowadays are using this strategy and are producing the content which can be used as the meme material because memes are forever green, and can go drastically viral and are relatable for every person. Digital Media Marketing intentionally releases such content which has the ability to attract the memers and is made stretchable to be used and incorporated in any situation.

The businesses like real estate needs leads to be generated in bulk and they want maximum number of population and for doing this they contact Lead Generation Agency. That lead generation agency has a team who have mastered the strategies to generate the bulk leads and they are using memes to engage the audience. The only thing they are doing that they pick any trending meme and slid their brand in it, and even if the person watching that meme would have zero interest at that time in that product but this will get stuck into his mind and whenever in future he will need that product, that meme would help him remember that trademark.

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