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Storyboarding Brands to The Market

Storyboarding Brands

After watching a good movie, you must have the same craving as us to tell the story to your friends. And whenever you get the chance to share your experience with your friends, you never narrate the whole story instead you only tell those parts which are spectacular. And you narrate those scenes like you were the director of that movie. That spiderman was standing on the rooftop and then he jumped from that building to stop the crashing train. And, in the end, he stopped the train and saved all the passengers. So, that’s how you storyboard the scene, right? And this whole thing is known as storyboarding which you do after watching the movie and the Media Company does the same thing before making the film for this, they use narrations along with the sketches. Because it gives them a clear path to their finishing point and allows them to visualize the input they want to provide.

Visuals are preferred by the audience over text, and it’s a basic fact. Because it’s easy to attract the audience through a video than a long text. But this doesn’t mean you should stop reading this or other things. If you want complete knowledge about something you can only obtain that from reading articles, books, and journals. Videos will only save you some time and will give you a sneak peek at some events. Because videos also get boring after watching them for a longer duration. Here we are not talking about movies or Netflix shows. We are talking about those videos made for awareness about any brand, event, or knowledge-based issue. 

So, now we want to leave you with a question, how you can storyboard a brand to the audience without making it boring and with an effort to deliver the maximum knowledge? We will answer this question, but we want you to make some assumptions right now that what could be the strategies to fill the needs mentioned in the question. 


If you want to work on the mechanism of storyboarding and storyboarding means you show the target audience the visuals of the products which you want to advertise. And for storyboarding your brand, your brand must have a story. Otherwise, you can’t do so. And, if you are confused at this point, don’t worry, we will explain with an example of the biggest brand of the current time and we will analyze how they presented that brand as a story and connected emotionally and spiritually with the customers. 


Nike is one of the biggest brands of sports products and especially Nike shoes. They always come up with unique and story-based advertisements. If you haven’t seen the advertisement of Nike named “Equality” which was made to portray the message that the rules in any game are equal for both teams, so why can’t the rules be the same for each and everyone outside playground? This was the basic idea of their campaign and there were other insights too. The whole advertisement was shot in black and white color which shows that they discourage the concept of racism and want every color to live the same life. And the rules should be the same for every race. 

In this advertisement, the biggest sports stars were featured such as Michael Jordan-voice throughout the campaign, Lebron James-Basketball star, and Serena Williams-Tennis Star. 

People connected with this story and bought the Nike products and then reshare the same story wearing those products on Instagram stories, TikToks and Snapchat. This campaign Nike became very successful. Because they didn’t only sell their products but also the story. And, we believe now you got the point we were trying to make previously. 


Warby Parker sells the best quality glasses and they also marketed their products with a story. That when once upon a time Warby and Parker were on a trip and one of them lost their glasses they faced too many difficulties in finding a shop or place to get a new one. This was the problem they identified and carried this story with them and started selling quality glasses at cheap prices they use to pay some amount from their profit to Non-Profit Organizations to open eye ware stalls where necessary for the needy. And, this story affected a lot of people who used to wear glasses and they buy their products, and reshared the same story on social media wearing those glasses this was the advertisement from Warby Parker and they become successful. 


We believe that you better understand the concept of storyboarding the brand to the market now after these examples. And, if you do and you are related to the Marketing and Advertising Firmsthen you need to start working on this strategy and propose some mind-blowing ideas to your superiors and colleagues. 

You can relate your brand with the audience using emotional stories, some music, historical events, revolutionary movement, etc. Because these things will sell your products. In today’s World, the new generation needs stories to post on their social media and you can take advantage of this trend by connecting the stories with your brand. We as a top Media Company Islamabad truly believe in this strategy that stories have great power to sell anything connected with them, which could be a person, a product, or another story. 

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