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When? How? Where: Digital Marketing Framework

Whenever you need to sell something, whether it is any product or any skill, Marketing is involved. Either you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, your work includes selling. With digital marketing, your customers can understand you in a better way.

Digital marketing might look easy to a lot of people. However proper understanding of its framework is required to make a start. When you start digital marketing, you will probably think that which is the most appropriate place for me to start? Should I start with Facebook or Google ads or maybe I should brand my products. The answers to all of these questions lies in this article below.

When? How? Where: Digital Marketing Framework is required

digital marketing

First of all, you need to understand the importance of digital marketing strategy and how all of the old and traditional marketing methods have been changed.

Now almost everyone prefers to view google or Facebook ads and most people are attracted by these ads. This has eliminated the need for pamphlets or postures that were also a source of pollution.

Newspapers that had tons of advantages. Starting from easily available to read at any venue whether you are at the office or your home. They are also replaced by internet articles.

Radio also used to be a great source of knowledge for a lot of people but radio itself has been replaced with podcasts that can be easily listened to and watched from your mobile phone.

For everything, there is a process. The same applies to digital marketing. Whenever you will start to market your products digitally, you will have to go through a channel of processes to successfully sell your product to the client. All of these are a part of digital marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing: Awareness

  1. We have to make the client aware of what products/services we are offering to him/her. Its pros and cons should be explained.
  2. You have to offer something unique. Your product/service should look unique in the competition of other brands so your client knows what he is buying and why is he buying it.
  3. If you can market your product/service well enough, the client will buy your product/service but sadly if that is not the scenario, instead of giving up make sure lookup on your mistakes or you can also hire professionals. There are digital marketing agencies like com that have expert professionals who are providing satisfying service to their clients 24/7.
  4. Graphic designing, Web development, and Content writing will market your product or service in any field you want.


You cannot just go to the client and offer him your services directly. Each business has a different infrastructure and has different objectives. Therefore, an effective approach is required. For example;

In COVID 19, attention of people was being shifted to more video content, brand content, etc. No doubt COVID 19 has given an unexpected boost to both freelancing and E-commerce worlds. 

Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Having and utilizing a proper digital marketing strategy won’t be useless for you. It has dozens of benefits and can also uplift your business in a very short time span.

Digital marketing can give your brand the recognition with less costly methods. It helps your brand take a quick start. Whenever we talk about an average public market-based business. Its first step would be the hardest. However, with Online marketing

You complete your goals more proficiently. Your strategies and everything will become part of a process. You will know what to do when you reach Goal A and what to do when you reach goal B.

Digital marketing tactics help you interact with your customer so the customer can know what he is getting. In an average shop, a customer would just visit a shop and make his decision within 15-20 minutes. Whereas, in digital marketing the seller knows what to offer his client and the buyer knows what he is being offered.

Branding is another important process in the Digital marketing framework. Whenever we talk about branding, the first thing to enter your mind is probably logos, banners, etc. But branding is beyond that.

It is about connecting with your audience. Seeing what your audience wants, and their demands and connecting with them through their emotions.

Branding is about presenting yourself uniquely and distinctively. It is about marketing strategy plans.

Currently, in 2022 there are more than a billion freelancers worldwide. When it comes to offering your services, the client must know what’s different and unique in you that isn’t present in other 100 or 500 people that have applied for the same job.

Google and Facebook ads are also very important when it comes to marketing your brand. You can choose different social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram as well for your branding process.

Tknack can help you brand your content for the cheapest price and their experienced professionals will deliver you the best of their services in their different digital marketing strategy plans.

As a Digital marketer, it is very important to know that your content would matter the most. Without appropriate content, you cannot market your blog posts or your websites. The content you would write would help the consumer explore your brand but it isn’t just content that matters. Keep reading to go further into details.

When you are doing online marketing for business, it is important to target a content-related audience. You cannot brand your content writing skills to a web development-related audience.

Marketing your business with all of these strategies would perfectly boost your business. However, without proper analysis, your business would always be at risk. It is important to keep track of what you are spending and what are you getting in return.

Keep track of what you are spending and how much you are earning on your business and how is it working for you. Blindly spending your money on marketing plans also cause a disaster for your business if you don’t know what you are aiming for.

Your brand must be strong. A weak business won’t make up for long. Keep an eye on where your business is lacking and where it doesn’t perform well. Solve those problems. If you are a brand owner you can hire Managers from to get your brand managed and marketed by professionals.

Your closest rivals and brands will always pose you a threat. Competition isn’t always accepted by everyone. Protection of your brand is also an important part of the digital marketing framework.


Conclusively, Digital Marketing framework involves key points of a brand’s marketing without which marketing could be a failure. Targeted and well-aimed Digital Marketing is the key to success. You can contact for further details about Digital Marketing Services.

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