why digital marketing matters

Why digital marketing matters?

With every single passing day, the world Is becoming more and more digital. A lot of businesses existed 10 years ago. Their names are no more as either their owners got bankrupted or their owners shut down their businesses themselves. Offline markets are becoming more blank and crowd deficient since the pandemic as online markets are growing every day.

The reason for this is simply because the world has evolved and if we refuse to evolve with the world, we won’t progress.

Digital marketing is another example of how the world has shifted from offline markets to online markets. With more than half of the world’s population being shifted to social media, Digital marketing is the future.

There is a quote that says you do not need to work smart but you need to work first.

The same is the case with digital marketing. There is already a lot of competition in 2022 but the bitter truth is that if you keep delaying digital marketing, there might be no place for you in the future.

digital marketing matters

Every day latest technologies are being introduced in the world to provide ease to people. Mobile phones have been a great invention so far as well as laptops. More and more people feel attracted to mobile phones because of excellent digital marketing done by mobile companies.

Not only it attracts them but it has become the need of time as well.

The number of people who are using these mobile phones also doesn’t seem to decrease rather than they will increase by billions in 2030.

As more people are shifting on mobiles, you need to meet these people where they spend most of their time. Different researches state that an average person has 7 to 8 hours of screen time.

Google ads and Different social media platforms display your brand’s services or products in front of other billion users worldwide which is the main reason why digital marketing matters.

Digital marketing is more than just about representing your brand. It explains what are you selling and what are its specifications in the online market. This is extremely useful and attractive for the consumer and it skips the part of reading 4 to 5 articles and getting information that you have displayed on a single list.

Job and Business

Digital marketing is being done as both; job and a business. You can make a career out of digital marketing or even open a digital marketing agency without doing side jobs. But the best thing about digital marketing is it doesn’t end but extends to every field.

Whether you are expert in Block chain or you are a website developer, or you can even be a content writer but if u don’t know how to sell your services, aren’t your skills going into waste?

The same applies to E-commerce. Selling your product is the biggest challenge in E-commerce. If you lack in that, you lack in the whole field. That is why digital marketing is now being treated as a mandatory subject to learn in every field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everything in the field is now AI. In simpler words, from Radios being replaced by podcasts to newspapers being replaced by online articles, everything is now digital.

To support the idea of Digital marketing being the future, the person who is on top of the list of the world’s richest men, Bill gates, shut down retail stores in 2022. Now, Microsoft itself is being operated online.


One of the biggest pros of digital marketing is the connection between the seller and the audience. Only your content or product-related audience reaches out to your brand. You can hold surveys on different digital platforms to seek the opinion of your audience that relates to your product/service.

Your audience can tell you how they feel about your product/service. Its quality, reliability everything can be shared on online surveys. In traditional marketing getting reviews from a single consumer is easy, however, you cannot target much of the audience comparatively.

Moreover, online marketing allows you to target a specified group of customers that are interested in your products/services.

Getting more customers

You can display ads on online platforms, bring organic and different types of traffic to your website and market your skills or product. If you don’t understand this yourself you can also hire different internet marketers.

Maintaining your customers

When it comes to maintaining your customers, online marketing teaches you that as well. Customers that are happy with your offerings are more likely to stick with you as long as they want. So, these customers are on a priority list. This priority list results in offering better discounts, and providing the best level of treatment that is possible.

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Different marketing funnels

Digital marketing isn’t the toughest nor the easiest thing to do. Online marketing skills are all about mind games. The same applies to marketing funnels. Marketing funnels are all about understanding your customers, learning about their journey, etc. To present your products/services in a better and more effective way there are several marketing strategies and funnels that are known by the name of:

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TOFU stands for TOP OF THE FUNNEL which means to make your consumer aware of the product or services that you are offering. Many people see and witness things at different stages that might have resulted in a query. Hence, TOFU is about ending their curiosity about that thing which they might have searched for.

MOFU means the MIDDLE OF THE FUNNEL. In this strategy, consumer that has now visited your website understands the service or product, he is being offered. He is comparing your content with other brands to make a decision.

The BOTTOM OF THE MARKET FUNNEL is a stage where the consumer already knows you and buys from you but you need to make him stick with you and impress him with your services or products. In short, BOFU is about customer loyalty. 

Final Words

By the time you’ve reached the end of this article, you must now be aware that why digital marketing matters! You can hire Professional Digital Marketing Agency like tknack.com to work together with you in order to achieve your success goal.

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